Sega Homestar Classic Original vs Sega Homestar Flux

SEGA Toys Home Planetarium Homestar Classic v Homestar Flux

The main difference between the two home planetariums is the clarity of the images where the Flux wins since it’s powered by a 5 watt newer technology LED system while the original model has a power of 3 watts. All the extra discs work on both models. The other difference being the fact that the newer model Flux is more portable due to it’s UBS connectivity meaning you can plug in into the included wall adapter or a power bank. The Original comes with a classic AC adapter.

Sega Toys Homestar Classic OriginalSega Toys Homestar Flux
Sega Homestar Original Black - Home Planetarium - Star ProjectorSega Toys Homestar Flux (Satin Black) Home Planetarium Star Projector
AC AdapterUSB connectivity
$149.99 $259.00
3 watt LED5 watt LED
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To the shop
Comparison Table

When looking to buy a home planetarium with realistic projections of the night sky there are two main options that you will come across.

They are both from SEGA Toys.

One is the original Sega Homestar also knows as the “Classic” and then there is the newer model also known as the “Flux.”

If you don’t know which one to buy we have made a comparison between the two to help you better choose the one that is right for you.

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